Knock Down Rebuild

Stay Where You Are… With A Knock Down Rebuild

Knock down and rebuild, what a great way to make a new start! Why move when you like your area and neighbors, you’re close to friends, and the essentials such as supermarkets, schools and transport links are just a quick drive away? Moving can be so disruptive especially when kids are happily involved in local sports, their play mates are close by, and they are doing well at school.

On top of this, there is the added cost and stress of selling your current home, moving and purchasing another block of land. Did you know that on a per square meter basis renovations can, and often do, cost more than double what it costs to knock down and rebuild?

The solution is a knock down rebuild and it makes a lot of sense. You get to live in a modern custom designed house suited to your lifestyle without having to go anywhere.

Osmium Construction can knock down and rebuild specialists and regardless of your block being sloped, narrow, above or below the road, our design team can create a contemporary knock down rebuild design that fits your budget. You are welcome to join us and have direct input into the floor plan and façade choices – to express your individuality*.

We take care of everything: dealing with council, arranging the demolition and removal of the existing house and designing your dream home. We can also look after the landscaping if you want to transform your street frontage even more.

Maximise your property

If you are looking for a smart way to maximise your property’s potential, you may be eligible to subdivide your block of land and have two residences built there (live in one and rent the other one out) we can create homes that complement each other or are in direct contrast with each other depending on street presence, requirements and budget. We can Custom Design one to your exact requirements.

All Types Of Land

With year of construction experience we know that we can create a unique home that expresses your personality and lifestyle on virtually any type of land. In many cases we make the property more useful than it was before.